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Our desire is to guide children on their musical journey, and develop their full artistic potential.

We are musicians and teachers with a passion to help young people get started in music, and fulfill their potential. Success comes from guiding children to achieve growth & improvement while enjoying the process.

Apple Valley Piano and Guitar Academy

Our Instructors

Get to know our team.

Creating Musical Artists Since 1999

We do so much more than help children learn to read music and push keys on the piano or keyboard.

Our Approach

We Start with Excellent Technique, Then Develop Much More

Everything starts with excellent technique, but we'll move them from simply pushing keys on a piano, to helping them play accurately, beautifully & expressively.

Play Accurately

We'll help them play the correct notes, with the right duration and rythm.

Play Beautifully

We'll unlock their ability to play with good tone and dynamics, to help people really feel the music.

Play Expressively

We'll advance them to a place where they can play expressively and put their own emotions and feeling into the music.

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