Our Process

3 Steps to Getting Started

We make getting started simple, here's how it works.

Fill Out the Interest Form

We'll connect with you quickly about availability and answer questions you might have.

Introductory Lesson & Interview

We'll have you and your child over to our studio for an interview & a lesson in order to properly place your student.

Become a Student, Practice & Engage

We will engage with your student, help them move past barriers, and we work rigorously to develop them into their full potential.

Children at Any Level

Both Parents & Students Engage in the Journey

Our primary goal is to guide your child on their musical journey. This journey is much easier with parent involvement. Similar to aspects of the Suzuki teaching method, we encourage a "triangle of communication" between the student, parent, and teacher. This results in the family ultimately saving time and money, as the student will progress much faster, compared to the young student attending the lessons solo. Parent attendance is encouraged, but NOT required.


Learn to play the piano or keyboard for FREE!

Attend the lessons, take notes, and practice with your child at home.

Ultimately save time and money, as your child will progress and reach their goal at a much faster pace, compared to no parental involvement.

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